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Um, Phoebe, I’ll call you back. I have to go yell at myself.

Mona Vanderwaal in Taking This One to the Grave

They say ‘here comes a hurricane, Trouble is her middle name’


2x25 - 5x12 Goodbye Mona Vanderwall

I never understood why Alison chose me. What made me so special? 

I can’t believe this, she was my friend.

Maybe I should have just died when I fell off that stupid cliff.
Don’t say that. Mona, don’t e v e r say that.

"I will never forgive Marlene for killing off one of the greatest anti-heroes ever. She deserved to be forgiven before she died. She deserved one last conversation with Hanna before she died. She had a bright future and she deserved to live it." (x)